French Floating Island


  • Brown sugar 200 gm
  • Milk ½ liter
  • Vanilla custard powder 40 gm
  • Eggs whites 8
  • Icing sugar 200 gm
  • Nuts or caramel for garnishing

How It’s Made:

Whip egg whites with beater thick and fluffy.
Then add 150 gms brown sugar, icing sugar and continuously whip egg mixture.
Now heat a frying pan, add milk and mix remaining brown sugar in milk.
Heat up milk until it starts to boil, reduce flame.
Wet a ice cream scoop in water.
Now scoop eggs mixture with the help of ice cream scooper.
Drop the eggs mixture in gently simmering milk.
You will see round egg fritters floating in milk mixture.
Now rounded fritters will become of above mixture.
Cook over low flame for 3 minutes.
When white balls/shells is cooked from both sides, then take them out and keep aside.
Make custard of milk left in frying pan.
Transfer custard in plate and place egg balls in it.
Garnish with nuts or caramel.
Floating island is ready to serve.

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